The Maryland Stingers Women’s Rugby Club is a competitive team based in College Park, MD. Drawing players from Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties, MD, and the greater DC-metro area, we focus on competitive play, teamwork, and having fun. If you are a seasoned rugby player or would just like to learn more about the sport, there is a place for you with the Stingers.


The history of the Stingers is a bit cloudy, but we are pretty sure the team was formed by University of Maryland Players around 1980. Since then the recording of history has been spotty, largely occurring on the backs of napkins at socials.

If you have any information you’d like to add, please contact us.

Scroll through our history page for the bits and pieces we do know about.

Past Nationals Results

2009 – 7th Place @ Division II Nationals

2003 – 8th Place @ Division I Nationals

2001 – 8th Place @ Division I Nationals

2000 – 3rd Place @ Division I Nationals

1999 – 3rd Place @ Division I Nationals

1998 – 2nd Place @ Division I Nationals

1997 – 2nd place @ Division I Nationals

1996 – 4th Place @ Division I Nationals (1st appearance)